East Kilbride Bike Repairs

For all your East Kilbride Bike Repairs, visit EK OK Bikes. Our team have over 35 years combined experience working on and fixing all sorts of bike repairs. Why not bring your bike in for advice, to get your old or new bike back to its best potential.

Have you just went to look out your bike after not using for a good while and found your bike with stuff lying on top of it, parts bent, broken or flat tyres, has it been left outside with the elements seizing up parts, been riding through all weathers and your bike is hanging by a frayed cable.

At Ek Ok Bikes you do not have to book your bike in for repair just bring your bike along to the shop.

  • We will check over the bike with you.
  • Discuss parts you may will need.
  • Provide a fair and true cost of repair work required.
  • Tell you when to expect your bike back.
  • We have a number of parts in store, if a part has to be ordered we offer a bike hire service for £20 per day.

We test ride all our repaired bicycles before returning to customers (as long as bike suitable size for test ride)





East Kilbride Bike Repairs Price List

Fit tube or tyre only wheel From £5
Fit tube or tyre full bike From £10
Tubeless tyres re-seal From £20
True Wheel From £12
Taping handlebars From £10
Adjust hub / spindle From £15
Brake adjust From £25
Gear Adjust From £25
Adjust handlebar and stem From £5
Adjust seat post and saddle From £5
Adjust headset From £5
Adjust crank From £5


Other East Kilbride Bike repairs prices are available on request, servicing prices are available on our bike servicing page. If you are unsure if we can repair your bike why not give us a call or send us a message through our contact us page