Zwift Training at home

Whilst our shop is temporarily closed due to Covid-19, I am fortunate enough to be able to do Zwift training at home. Zwift its a training app for your phone, laptop, tablet or TV that you can use with a bike fitted to a Zwift compatible indoor trainer.

The app allows you to enter into a virtual cycling world but with real effort zwift trainingrequired for racing, training, or just pedalling. Alongside the compatible indoor trainer the app provides lots of technical information heart rate, power output, distances, placings and timings. This information is retained keeping record of your performance to encourage you to keep you improving. This is what makes Zwift training at home great for improving fitness during these difficult times.

Its changed days from putting my bike on a trainer inside garden shed with torch light and Casio stop watch to time my efforts, although not as technically good, still better than having no form of indoor cycle training.

World Road Professional cyclists are having to return to using these popular apps Zwift and Bkool reluctantly at a time when single day classics are normally underway this time of year in Belgium, France, Italy and Holland .

zwift training at home

Only one of a few sports that can get close to replicating a similar effort by using the apps, professional and amateurs taking part in virtual races and helping them stay in top shape. The creators of apps now have added for spectators to watch professional only events, Live-streams on the likes of YouTube, Eurosport and other international broadcasters with full commentary, although never be near the prestige and atmosphere of the top classics, it’s a great back up at these difficult times a healthy app for all to use and keep motivated for reaching our goals and future targets

You can do bike rides and ask your favourite professional riders questions check up events and your favourite teams activities to see when there’s a bike ride on. I think we will all have to enjoy Zwift training at home for the foreseeable lets hope it is not for too long. Once this is over and you are hitting the road again please pop in for your bike servicing and repairs